Is A Stock Market Crash Coming? - Cathie Wood’s Warning!

In this video, Cathie Wood the CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, who started her firm to solely focus on the 5 disruptive innovation platforms such as DNA sequencing, Robotics, Energy Storage, AI and Blockchain Technology. We know Ark Invest had a great 2020 year with an inflow of capital into their funds with great annual returns, But looking at the past year of 2021 let’s call it how it is it’s been a struggle.. ARKK is down 23.42%
% on the 1 year chart, ARKG 33.70%… ARK W 18.36.. ARK F 17.42% and ARKQ up 1.63% So with that being said this video Cathie Wood is going to be giving her insight and what she expects moving forward in the markets for 2022 with all the fear uncertainty and doubt and inflation.. And wether if she sees a recession on the horizon..

The question is a market crash coming in 2022?

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