Is China Poised to Relax Its Crypto Ban? | Bloomberg Crypto

One of the biggest shocks to the crypto market in the past couple of years came in 2021 - when China issued its most significant crackdown ( yet on all things digital assets.

Fast forward to 2023, and there are signs that the country might be softening ( that stance ever so slightly. Just to set the scene a little bit - this is all related to broader signs and speculation that China is quote unquote “reopening”.

To discuss China’s potentially softening stance on crypto, Bloomberg reporter Muyao Shen ( joins this episode.

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Crypto is the world's hottest financial trend. Digital tokens like Bitcoin and NFTs have moved from niche products to showing up in Super Bowl commercials and song lyrics. Advocates of these new asset classes promise they will democratize the finance industry, and they hail the blockchain technology that backs it all as the future of computing. Skeptics say it's another financial house of cards. No newsroom on the planet is better equipped than Bloomberg to cut through all the noise and provide clarity, context and authority.

In this new daily podcast, Bloomberg’s reporting team will tease out what’s actually important in the crypto conversation. Led by crypto expert Stacy-Marie Ishmael, the podcast will draw on reporters in every region and credible voices in the industry to cover everything from regulation to alt coins to DeFi, and even the environmental impact of the currency that promises to change the finance landscape indefinitely.

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