Is Cryptocurrency Just A Hype? #shorts

Since 2019 alot of people came into Crypto space as Elon Musk buy Bitcoin and people started to follow him as he was the richest man on earth alive and this is where the hype begins
One of the prime example of hype was
The doge coin who has no fundamentals
Dogecoin creator sold all his coins in 2015
Just to buy a Honda Civic bcoz it was just a meme coin
But bcoz Elon Musk tweeted on July 18 2020 that he believe in doge coin and then DOGE coin became so big it became part of top 10 crypto coins by market cap creating all time high on May 8th 2021 of 0.7 dollar
Another example

You might have heard about the webseries name squid games and the rugged pull which Happen with the coin named by squird games
That's purely because of the hype that show
have scammer used that hype and created a coin and we all know what happens at last
That coin crash by more then 99.9 %

Crypto was never a hype but people made it one
People still clams that bitcoin will go to 5million dollars in next 5 years
what are your views on this do comment it down
So at last hype will always be there
But at last was matters is what's your take on that !!

The Crypto End !!
You might have a lot of questions about crypto currency !
Whether you know alot about cryptocurrency or you are a newbie in this new concept of technology. In this video I have tried to answer all those questions which might have strike to your mind about cryptocurrency and blockchain In the form of 8 chapters !
I tried to keep all those chapter very compact so that you'll know the right information in short time.

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It's all about sentiments in Crypto !

Why most of us will lose money in Crypto !

Is Crypto a scam ?

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