Is Ethereum GPU Mining Still Worth It | PASSIVE INCOME 2022

Is Ethereum Mining Still Worth it in 2022? Huh? Well that's what i answer during this video from my personal experiences and people surrounding me. People will love to tell you no, but inflation is so high right now that any kind of profit is still more than capable of beating the curve. If you've been mining with GPU's / Graphic Cards, let me know what's your opinion on the matter either it be with the AMD RX cards, or the NVIDIA RTX series!

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This video was inspired by creators such as Vosk Coin, Jesse Eckel, Max Maher, Eddie Yoon, even Graham Stephan, aswell as Nerdy Dude Stuff, Jimmy is Promo, Eigen Tech, and Tactical Investing, etc...
This is not financial advice.
This video is however for educational purposes and does find itself in the finance niche.
Crypto Mining.
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