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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, with new studios seemingly popping up daily to announce yet another Online Blockchain Game. With a series of new Blockchain MMOs and RPGs in the works, telling players they can earn tons of money just by playing, Steven takes a hard look at some of the current games on the market, and speaks with the talented and pragmatic Game Director of Guild of Guardians, Derek Lau.

0:00 Intro
0:43 What is a Play to Earn Game?
1:16 How Does Axie Infinity Implement Play to Earn?
3:24 How Does Blankos Block Party Implement Play to Earn?
3:54 Is Every Game the Next Big Play to Earn Game?
5:42 Interview with Derek Lau
7:05 Why Are Some Developers Rushing to the Investment Phase?
8:07 Why Are Some Players So Eager to Invest?
9:33 If Crypto is so Hot, Should Game Companies Cater to the Investors?
11:36 When Will We See Play and Earn Games Hit the Mainstream?
13:13 How Will Guild of Guardians Make Blockchain Gaming Easier?
15:07 Will Players Always Try to Make a Living Off of Play to Earn Games?
15:39 What is Guild of Guardians?
16:57 TLDR Recap

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