Is The Ethereum Merge Actually Coming? LATEST Crypto News

It’s never a dull week in crypto! From the long-awaited Ethereum Merge moving closer, to one of Ethereum’s oldest architects calling the ecosystem a ‘circus,’ let’s find out what went down in crypto this week! Don’t forget to sub!

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Ethereum’s move to Proof of Stake has been in the pipeline for well over five years, but it seems like it is finally going to be executed and implemented within the next few weeks! This will lead to the end of ALL Ethereum mining - whether that’s ASIC miners or GPUs, nobody will be able to mine ETH anymore once the Merge takes place. What does this mean for the Ethereum miners, as well as for the crypto ecosystem as a whole? With other cryptocurrencies being cited as “securities,” we may also be in for a lot more regulation and control from the SEC and the government. All the while NFT volume on OpenSea drops by 99%! With the huge success of the NFT space over the last year, we may very well see even further decline as market volatility grows and global economies suffer! But are there still a few gems amidst the sea of worthless NFTs?

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