Is Your Crypto Safe? (5 Best Crypto Security Practices Explained)

How safe is cryptocurrency, and what are some of the best crypto wallet safety practices?

Cryptocurrency wallets are designed with security in mind - that’s obvious. However, even the most secure wallet in the world can fail, if the owner doesn’t understand the basic principles of wallet safety!

In this video, I will tell you about how safe is cryptocurrency, as well as the best crypto wallet safety practices that any and all wallet owners need to employ. We’ll look into both hardware and software wallets, talk about is crypto safe, in general, and discuss tips that will suit both of these types of crypto storage.

Do you have any additional tips for keeping your crypto wallet safe? Share them in the comments below!

Video Time Table:

0:00 Introduction to Best Crypto Security Practices
1:08 Don't Tell Anyone About Your Crypto
3:10 Store Your Recovery Phrase Somewhere Safe
4:15 Avoid Clicking Weird Links on the Internet
5:35 Don't Carry Your Wallet Around With You
6:50 Be Careful With Your Transactions
8:26 Wrap-up: Best Crypto Security Practices

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