It's getting worse.

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00:00 Lower your volume
00:31 What is the Bitmain Antminer K7 Nervos CKB ASIC miner?
01:08 I've been mining into Nicehash for Bitcoin
01:30 How much power does the Bitmain K7 use?
03:07 Mining Nervos CKB is getting worse
03:55 How many Bitmain K7's have turned on?
05:03 Did Bitmain premine on Nervos?
06:18 Web GUI
07:03 Bitmain firmware was reflashed to hide the premine date?
07:36 Why am I using Nicehash?
09:00 How much Bitcoin have I earned so far?
09:59 Profitability
10:34 ROI
12:26 Efficiency
13:25 Will the Nervos Network Hashrate continue to climb?
13:45 Kadena has also been getting worse because of the Bitmain KA3's
14:26 Will there be a better CKB miner in the future?
15:49 Do you believe in Nervos CKB will go up in price again?
16:30 Let know what you think

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