Kaspa hashrate catching up to Ethereum Classic, New miner for Nexa "Rigel", Is your net meter right

HiveOS Statistics - https://hiveon.com/statistics/

HiveOS statistics indicate Kaspa is gaining ground on Ethereum Classic hashrate and users.

A new player has entered the game. Rigel is now the 3rd miner to enable Nexapow mining. All while Nexa is hitting an all time high in both price and hashrate.

A look at my solar production and how to read your usage and make sure the electric company is giving you the right credit of kWh for your netmeter.

As a blockchain enthusiast, I began my journey into cryptocurrency towards the end of 2013. My first miner was an Antminer S9 that is still running today. At the end of 2020 I began GPU mining and was immediately hooked. After watching a movie called “Zeitgeist” around 2009 I became infatuated with the monetary system and the untold truth of how our government operates. Many years of seeking knowledge to further my understanding of how to get out of the “machine” has lead me to where I am today with hopes of teaching others what I have learned.
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