Kyrgyzstan Raises Electricity Rates for Cryptocurrency Miners

Companies operating crypto mining facilities in Kyrgyzstan will have to pay a higher price for the electrical energy they need to mint digital currencies. The increase follows a government decision to update electricity rates across the board in order to “ensure the stable and reliable functioning of the energy sector.”

According to an official announcement, the changes are part of the country’s Medium-Term Tariff Policy for Electricity (2021–2025), approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. “Mining entities (cryptocurrency)” is one of the 14 groups of end users affected by the revision. The base tariff for consumers in that category is calculated with a multiplying factor of 2.0, the published documents detail.

Crypto miners will pay a 2.52 Kyrgyzstani som (less than $0.03) for each kilowatt-hour of electricity they use. The new rate is the result of an increase of 12.5%, government numbers show. For the remaining four years of the period covered by the new tariff policy, prices will be adjusted each year to reflect the average level of annual inflation.

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