Lawrence Lepard & Greg Foss | Gold, Bonds and Bitcoin | Swan Signal E95

On this episode of Swan Signal, Greg Foss and Lawrence Lepard join us to talk about the math behind the fiat ponzi, how they see the next decade playing out, and why they are so passionate about Bitcoin and its ability to empower future generations.

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00:00:00 “Swan Signal” Intro
00:02:02 Introducing Greg and Lawrence
00:02:42 The Difficulty with Evaluating the Market
00:05:55 “All Roads Lead to Currency Debasement” - Why the Dollar is Losing Strength
00:08:44 Bitcoin and Gold
00:11:50 Bearish on the Stock Market?
00:17:00 Similarities Between Todays Market Conditions and Previous Global Financial Crises
00:20:28 The Math Behind the “Debt Spiral”
00:29:44 “Waking Up to the Fiat Ponzi”
00:34:03 Volatility in the Bond Markets
00:37:05 Jerome Powell’s Comments on Inflation at the FOMC Meeting
00:44:50 What Would You Say To Charlie Munger?
00:49:44 The Bitcoin Opportunity Fund
00:59:07 “The Grey Champions” - What Advice Would You Give to Baby Boomers and Millennials?
01:07:52 How to Connect with Greg and Lawrence
01:09:59 “Swan Signal” Outro

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