Leach: Earn money through games in the blockchain space | More Than Money | Ep. 6

In this week’s episode of #MoreThanMoney, CoinGeek’s Patrick Thompson talks to Richard Leach of the GameFi Marketing Team about the emerging gaming industry, which is one of the most prosperous segments in blockchain with newcomers being attracted to the potential payouts of ‘play-to-earn’ games. GameFi is a relatively new company looking for opportunities in the blockchain space and harnessing the power of #BSV to realize gamification in blockchain.

“GameFi AG is a company based in Switzerland. It’s the gamification of finance. For a period of time, the one thing that everyone was talking about was DeFi whereas we wanted to create opportunities for people to earn real money doing the thing that they love, which is playing games. What we’re doing is creating an ecosystem whereby participants would be able to play a wide range of games, owning NFTs, developing and hopefully increasing the value of those NFTs, and creating a community that is active,” he said.


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