Learn Candlestick Trading - Candlestick Patterns Ultimate Crypto Trading Course (Beginners) 2022

Learn Candlestick Trading! Welcome to the ultimate trading course for beginners on candlestick patterns and anatomy of candlesticks. I created this video to introduce the basic structure of a Japanese Candlestick price chart and the application for trading Crypto. High probability technical analysis is one of the best ways to gain an edge over your competitors! In order to beat the competition it is vital to understand how the masses think and behave emotionally. I am here to guide you through the sea of information found online, with a goal of providing informative, non-biased educational material for anyone to digest. Thanks so much for tuning in! If you are interested in supporting the channel, sign up for Tradingview FOR FREE through the course link description (an affiliate link that helps us keep the channel running);

Common Candlestick Patterns Dictionary;




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Thank you, and happy trading!
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