Let's talk about the Future of GPU Mining...

What will happen to GPU mining? Is GPU mining over? In this video I sit down with you to talk about the future of GPU mining in 2023. I do this by first getting into how the Ethereum merge (ETH 2.0), the bear market and the global energy crisis all worked together to significantly reduce our mining profits in 2022-2023. Basically, explaining the chain of events that happened that reduced the profitability so significantly. I then proceed to talk about the 6 different things that can happen that would bring back GPU mining profitability in 2023. These include power costs coming down, mining efficiency breakthroughs either with new GPUs or new mining software updates, network hashrate reductions, a change in coin distribution to miners, new coins being introduced and of course if we were to see another bull market where coin prices were to go back up again.

Cryptocurrency Mining
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