LHR ETH Mining Rig Build II Five RTX 3060 LHR Cards mining Rig II RIG Worth Rs ~ 4 Lakh.

In this video I’m going to build a LHR cards mining rig which will include 5 x RTX 3060

Parts used in this build:

Graphics Card: RTX 3060 LHR
Motherboard: MSI Z490 A Pro
Processor: Intel Dual Core
Power supply: Deepcool 850W
Ram: Crucial DDR4 8 GB
Risers: PI+ x9

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WhatsApp : +919034443337
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Devices I use:
Camera I use: Canon 200D
Mic I use: Boya wired mic
Lens I use: 18-55 canon
Secondary camera: iPhone 12 Pro

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