Live in Oslo: Jeff Booth on Bitcoin to Solve Our Debt Crisis

Jeff Booth is an entrepreneur, technology leader, strategic advisor, General Partner at venture capital firm Ego Death Capital, and author of the best-selling book The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation Is The Key To An Abundant Future. Follow him at https://twitter.com/JeffBooth

We talked about:
- Market conditions
- Fed policy
- Bitcoin price
- Credit on Bitcoin?

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00:00 Promo codes
01:58 Oslo Freedom Forum
02:59 Macroeconomics, Bitcoin dropping, Fed tightening
08:26 What needs to break to spark money printing?
10:17 Unprecedented money printing, broken system
12:40 Bitcoin is inherently apolitical
15:41 BTC separate from equities
17:47 Debt bubble
19:09 The future of debt and credit
22:50 iTrustCapital break
23:38 Fold app break
24:11 Battle around Bitcoin standard
28:16 Why don't leaders believe or understand?
32:55 Is China preparing for war?
36:28 Biggest surprise in the last year: El Salvador
38:45 Impression of El Salvador
39:38 Lightning Network, Ego Death Capital
40:50 Terra Luna meltdown
44:26 What's next? Yield curve control (YCC)
46:00 Recessions: 2008 compared to 2022
47:55 Housing bubble
48:26 Getting worse before getting better
49:24 What should Fed Chair Jay Powell do?
50:26 Spend Bitcoin, buy more Bitcoin
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