LOLMINER 1.39 TONCOIN Overclocks, Hashrates, Profitability

Testing one of my farms and miners on the new LOLMINER v1.39 mining the NEW TONCOIN.
This is not effected by LHR Algos which makes it very profitable for all NVIDIA GPUS LHR OR NOT. It's very light on the GPU power and the coin is seemingly making a bump in the market.
This was created from the telegram Founders. FUN project with its DEFI properties.
I am very interested in the storage features at this will be a drop box on steroids.
Let's see what happens. I give a guide and how to mine in Hiveos and setting up on the TONWHALES POOL. I show how its currently more profitable then Ethereum mining

In the last video we introduced the project and started mining without refining our settings.
In this Video Specifically we have been mining TON for 48 hours and have been able to obtain over 23 TONCOINS this is a value of over 36 dollars a day after electricity.
Even better after doing some research and more testing we were able to squeeze out 4.5 More GH/S this is a value an added $280 a month! We show off over overclocks and hashrates.

Overclocks site (AT YOUR OWN RISK):

Project, WALLET and miner information:


Please join our discord to chat with our miners and stuff up to date on what's happening!
Crypto Kingdom

Link to Netgear powerline adapter:

Link to Hive OS for download and install:

Link to Kingwin Frame:

Link to intel i7 Processor:

Link to RTX 3060 Gigabyte Eagle LHR Rev 2.0:

Link to MSI RX6600XT Mech 2x:

Link to RTX 4000 Quadro:

Link to Hive OS for download and install:

Link to Nicehash:


Common Terms:
#LHR Unlock RTX 3060 T-REX MINER V 0.22.1

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LOLMINER V 1.39 | Mining TONCOIN More Profitable than ETH!!

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0:14 what are we doing

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This is NOT financial advice and I am NOT a financial advisor. Building mining equipment is expensive and can be risky. Crypto Currency is very volatile and the prices change daily. Please do your own research before investing!!


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