Make $150/month mining Bitcoin. Great for beginners to learn the process!

Make $150/month mining Bitcoin. Great for beginners to learn the process!

As stated in the video, here are the links you'll need:
#1 Link on Amazon to the miner

#2 Link to the cord if you need it. They usually come with a cord, but in case it doesn't, here is the exact cord I used.

#3 Link to ethernet cable. If you need an ethernet cable, this is the one that I used.

#4 The only thing that has ever broke on my miner is the fan. It was easy and it was only 4 screws to change. This is the exact fan that I used

#5 I only needed this because I have expanded in my garage, but if you need more ethernet ports, this is the device that I used and I plugged it right into my router:

#6 If you need a basic stand to keep your miner off of the ground, this is what I use:

#7 If you need anti-vibration pads, I use these. These cut down on noise if you need to do that:

#8 As mentioned, here is the link to the manufacturers set up guide:

#9 This is a secondary set up guide. I do not know this person, nor do I have an affiliation with him, but it's a good set up guide:

#10 As mentioned in the video, here is a link to an additional video that discusses the basics of #Bitcoin mining called "Bitcoin Mining for Dummies: How to Mine Bitcoin (The Basics for Newbies)"

**Please note**Some of the links above are affiliate links and I may get a small commission from them. It does help the channel and I'm appreciative. Thank you!!

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