MAKING 100X on Crypto Flash Loans. INSANE PROFITS.

Ex-Google TechLead on crypto flash loans. Try out the Opera Crypto browser yourself, download now for free: https://opr.as/techleadx1. Also join Opera Crypto Discord community: https://opr.as/tldiscord

Implementation Notes: For the ETH/FRAX flash loan in the second half of hte video, you need to insert a block to wrap the ETH to WETH to get it to work. I would also suggest to supply/borrow stablecoins (like USDC, DAI, USDT) if you're going on leverage, since ETH is too volatile and risks liquidation. To unwind the trade, an easier way may be to use the built-in interface on AAVE to "repay loan with collateral." Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/techleadhd for more tips on crypto.

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