Massive Changes In Cryptocurrency In 2021

In this video I talk about the major changes that are affecting Cryptocurrency and what I am doing to protect my personal portfolio.

Major Changes Affecting Bitcoin:
1) Bitcoin Dominance:
Bitcoin dominance is the measure of Bitcoin's market cap relative to the market cap of the rest of the crypto industry.

2) Institutions Buying:
The institutions have arrived, and this year has set the benchmark for institutional interest in cryptocurrencies.

3) Derivatives:
People and funds borrowing money from exchanges which makes the market more volatile.

4) Regulations:
The SEC is becoming more vigilant in its efforts to clean up the digital currency space, which decreases the incentive for fraudsters to treat the crypto market as a cash-grab scam.

5) The Launch of NFTs:
A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

6) Launch of ETF on Bitcoin:
An ETF is an investment vehicle that tracks the performance of a particular asset or group of assets. ETFs allow investors to diversify their investments without actually owning the assets themselves.

Let me know in the comments section below what you're doing about these changes and how you're preparing your own personal portfolio!

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