Max Keiser Says His $220,000 Bitcoin Call Is Coming, Plans to Exit Gold and Silver Completely

"The demand for Bitcoin is virtually infinite," as fiat money trends towards zero, says Max Keiser of the Keiser Report, founder of Bitcoin Capital and Heisenberg Capital, in this much anticipated return to Stansberry Research. Keiser criticizes American politicians for pilfering from Americans, while the dollar crumbles and deeming Bitcoin as apart of its own vector saying, "it isn't correlated to anything." He says he is easing out of his precious metal allocations and, "hopes to be 100% out," of gold and silver this year. Keiser says world banking leaders like ECB President, Christine Lagarde, understand that their days are numbered due to the prominence of Bitcoin acting as an, "escape hatch." He concludes by doubling down on his prediction of Bitcoin reaching $220K, saying politicians are starting to understand that they need to, "get with the Bitcoin wave," and will stop trying to regulate what they cannot regulate.

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