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Meta platform, that we know as #Facebook, has been working on its #Cryptocurrency wallet, #Novi, for several months now. It has recently launched a feature for users to send and receive money through its popular messaging app, #WhatsApp.

Currently this pilot program is on trial in which this feature is available only for some people of United States. The Head of Novi also confirmed that using Novi will not change the privacy of #whatsaap personal messages and calls i.e. privacy policy will remain same… end to end encrypted
Meta had also announced to launch a pilot program similar to this in 2019 where they were about to launch a global digital currency called Libra, but due to various reasons, it proved to be a failure.

Despite the failure, Meta's aim is still the same, that it wants to bring a solution to the problem of 1.7 billion people, which they face everyday in understanding the global financial systems.

Let us now know which tokens you can trade using this feature in this video.

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