MicroStrategy: Michael Saylor says Bitcoin will grow to $140K and Ethereum to $20K

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Here are ten fast facts about this multimillionaire you should know:

1. Saylor was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.
2. Growing up, he lived on multiple Air Force bases.
3. He is 56 years old.
4. Saylor has never been married.
5. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a Reserve Officers' Training Corps scholarship.
6. At MIT, he double majored in aeronautics and astronautics, and science, technology, and society.
7. Despite having ambitions to be a pilot, a benign heart murmur diagnosis kept Saylor grounded.
8. Saylor is worth $500 million, but this figure is not certain.
9. Growing up, Saylor played Dungeons and Dragons, and always insisted on being the Dungeon Master because he "liked to create and control situations."
10. He owns a yacht named USHER — after a computer software, not the singer.

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