Mining Farm Summer Heat Planning 101

Hey Guys,

I see a ton of mistakes on a lot of youtuber channels in terms of thermal management. The misconception of grow tents to open air rigs being used in huge warehouses to save a few dollars.

The money saved on using open air rigs is gone when you have to buy multiple industrial fans to keep the air away from your other rigs.

Take a look at what I did and this should be practiced if you have the funds to do so. I chose not to buy more cards in order to do this the right way from the beginning and don't have any heating issues.

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00:00 - Intro
03:08 - Getting all the circuits & sockets mapped out
05:35 - Planning Best Location for your farm
09:47 - The DO NOT's of crypto youtuber thermal fails
12:40 - How I configured easy effective thermal solution
15:35 - Condensing your setup and planning rig configurations
17:15 - Server Case configuration and fan configurations
19:30 - What to buy and cost analysis
27:50 - My temps and hashrates


I would love to keep bringing new content to you guys regarding all Crypto farming and mining, any support would help if you so desire :)

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