Missing Pay, Mismanagement & A Crypto Crazed Owner - The Fall Of Noble Esports

On February 7th, Dan “Dizbog” Goodman, the former Partnerships manager for Noble Esports announced on Twitter that he was no longer contracted with the company. What started as a typical farewell message thanking members of the organization took a turn when Goodman finally mentioned Kyle McDougal, the owner of Noble.

In his message, Goodman said “thank you for being the reason why anyone on Noble would leave,” and said that McDougal was difficult to work with and was disrespectful to staff members.

On top of that, he claimed that McDougal has failed to pay his staff, players, and even T-Pain, who had previously taken part in an Overcooked event with Noble. The reason for these missed payments according to Goodman is that McDougal opted to focus on a new cryptocurrency venture called Nobility Token.

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