MORE PAIN in Crypto!! Binance BNB Major Move | Cardano ADA Jumps | Ethereum Dwindles

Bitcoin stalls despite GLOBAL STEPS TOWARDS ADOPTION!! Cardano rakes in a MASSIVE NEW MILESTONE!! Binance joins the Russian Crypto Regulation conversation, Ethereum could be at the mercy of new competition, takes a new step with a TOKEN REBRAND!! ECIO drops a KILLER NEW NFT MYSTERY POD!! Plutonians keeps GameFi on its toes with NEW LAUNCHES!! And Vauld is holding its own among STIFF COMPETITION with ONE OF A KIND PERKS!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:39 Introduction
1:02 Market Wrap
2:09 Cardano New Addresses Milestone
2:33 Binance Joins Association of Banks of Russia
3:13 Ethereum at the Mercy of Market Competition?
3:56 Cronos Rebrand
4:25 ECIO - Exclusive NFT Collection on Binance
4:59 Plutonians Launches Coming Up
5:46 Vauld CeFi Lending

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