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Let's talk crypto mining in bear market times. One thing is for sure, this is the time you should be focus on accumulating, prepping, and investing on the next big thing. Millionaires are going to be made NOW. While most people are fearful this is the time you should focus on what can take your portfolio to the next level. Don't worry if you have questions about other things we can talk about it too. i.e. Deeper Network Mining is about to change, are you ready? New Helium Miners, helium light hotspots, are right around the corner. Are they worth mining with? But I wanted to make sure I could come to you with an affordable ASIC mining solution before the sale. I don't recommend timing the market, instead it's wise to prepare for what's next. The crypto bull market is coming, will you be ready? There are some wild things about to happen like ASIC miner financing. Cohosting your miner is also something everyone should look into to save on electricity. That's when someone with low electric costs hosts your miner for you. Miner hosting is so great when you live somewhere with high electricity costs.

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