My 2023 Predictions For Crypto

I've spent the past year researching and trying to understand where crypto is going. I've spend hundreds of hours listening to podcasts, research research, talking with developers all to try to uncover what's next for this space. What I found is shocking, and I think those who don't pay attention could be missing out on one of the biggest wealth building opportunities of our lifetime.

In this video I cover where I believe crypto is going in 2023 and beyond. Why I believe these things and the research to back it up and in general try to explore all the current forces at play that are dictating the future of crypto and what's next.

Keep in mind I fully understand how as an investor we have a bias to want to prove the narratives we believe. Even more so as a content creator in the crypto space I'm very susceptible to this bias. However being that my overall quest is to get to my $50,000,000 goal I've really tried to combat this bias and look at all this info through a level headed lens. The reality is, if crypto isn't where the opportunity is why would I want to waste more time here? If this space is destined to fail, I want to know that and get out.

I'm always trying to improve as an investors, to question my own thoughts and beliefs and really get to the truth. Investing the truth is your friend, and self deception is the ultimate enemy and will leave you broke.

So that is exactly what I've tried to do, and this is the result of all those efforts. I'm always open to critique of my ideas and any feedback you have.


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