My 7 Passive Income Streams; Bitcoin Mining, GPU Mining and Strong Nodes & S9 Giveaway!

This video outlines all of my passive income streams as well as my full time job. Basically all the ways I make money right now. I talk about my stock investments for a bit, too, but you dont want to follow me into that dumpster fire.

I mine Bitcoin, I GPU mine Ethereum, I purchase Strongblock Nodes regularly all while working a full time salary job in the Art World.

This video is Sponsored by Musk Miners, if youre looking for where to buy bitcoin mining hardware - contact them at their website or over at my discord channel
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Musk Miners is my trusted hardware supplier, based in the US. I met with them in person to verify they are real, see that they have a legitimate business and do in fact deliver what you pay for. I also have a discord server with dozens of happy customers who will tell you the same.

As for the S9 Giveaway! The winner is Papi Chulo!!! Papi was only off by 193 dollars with a $117,000 guess!

Find me on Instagram: @nicholas_james_johnson

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