N. Korean hackers stole US $400 mil. worth of cryptocurrencies in 2021: Report

"북한, 지난해 4억 달러 규모 가상화폐 해킹…세탁수법 고도화"

A new report says North Korean hackers stole at least 400 million U.S. dollars worth of cryptocurrencies in 2021.
Chainanalysis,... a firm which specializes in tracking cryptocurrency transactions,... says North Korean cybercriminals had a banner year in 2021,... launching at least seven successful attacks on crypto exchanges.
One of the hacks involved Liquid dot com,... which lost 91-point-5 million dollars to the North Korean hackers.
The report found 20-percent of the funds stolen by North Korea last year was Bitcoin.
The majority - at 58-percent - was Ethereum.

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