NARRATIVES DRIVE THE CRYPTO MARKET - Investing By Understanding Narratives Makes Life-Changing Money

Narratives drive the crypto market, Bitcoin might drive the crypto price action, but when we think about where we put our money into, narratives give us that information. Narratives are powerful and they are born from the crypto community and they are there to help us navigate the complex world of crypto. This video does a deep dive into the most important narratives and how they are born.

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00:00 Narratives In Crypto
01:52 Performance And Scaling Narrative In Crypto
04:54 Layer 2 Narrative In Crypto
06:27 Season As A Crypto Narrative
08:29 Metaverse Narrative In Crypto
13:28 DeFi 3.0 And DeFi As A Narrative In Crypto
19:33 Web3 Narrative In Crypto
21:33 Upcoming And Present Narratives In Crypto

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