New Ban on Russian Gold Could Blow Up the Paper Gold Market

We recently got word that the United States and the other countries in the G7 has recently announced a NEW BAN, more sanctions on Russia, and this time it is gold.

In this video, we're going to answer the question of what impact this might have on gold because there's some people saying that this will have no impact at all. However, there is a chance that this could actually blow up, and once and for all END, the paper gold market that has been supressing the gold price for decades.

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0:00 Video Overview
0:35 Intro
0:38 Sponser iTrustCapital
2:29 U.S. Blocks Gold Imports from Russia
4:25 Golds New Production Hardly Effects Current Prices
6:08 China and India are Russia's Main Gold Buyers
8:02 Paper Gold Market Potentially Blowing Up
10:10 ShiffGold Platform
10:58 Outro

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