New Bitcoin Miner, Free Crypto Airdrops, Best Coins to buy, and more News!

New Bitcoin Miner, Free Crypto Airdrops, Best Coins to buy, and more News! Cryptocurrency is the fastest paced sector in the world, and Crypto also makes more investors millionaires than anything else. Let's review breaking crypto news! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Bitmain is launching a new Bitcoin miner the S19 XP the best BTC miner ever, and there are insane free cryptocurrency airdrops happening now and also more soon. Altcoins are pumping, even if the crypto market corrects this cryptocurrency bullrun is nothing short of parabolic gains making many crypto investors rich and crypto millionaires. Paraswap PSP airdrop didn't hit most DeFi users wallets, but their team did get a whopping 49% token allocation wow, and speaking of WOW Cream Finance was CREAMED for over $130M yes 130 million dollars in a flash loan exploit hack looks like the iceCREAM melted. Let's review all of the latest breaking crypto news and crypto scams!

MORE Breaking Crypto News and Crypto Scams!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Airdrops and new miner launch
01:04 ParaSwap airdrop
03:00 New Bitcoin miner from Bitmain
05:41 Bitcoin Ethereum and the meme coins
09:30 KeyFi the future of finance
10:16 $130 Million flash loan attack on CREAM Finance
12:22 Updates on GRO, Wheat and Trader Joe platforms
13:47 Techno Floki the next meme coin?
15:59 Don't miss airdrop

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