New Crypto DAPP Launching on EVERY BLOCKCHAIN?!

New Crypto DAPP Launching on EVERY BLOCKCHAIN?! Trading and converting different cryptocurrencies across numerous blockchains is difficult, expensive, and just plain clunky to do. NEW multi-chain Interoperability, Web 3.0, Crypto Token Launching! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Sphynx is launching their DAPP and token on all blockchains!
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Every day I invest, trade, and swap different cryptocurrencies on different blockchains and it's very often I wish I could easily take my Ethereum tokens and put them on the Binance Smart Chain or the Matic Polygon network. I'm not just interested in bridging different blockchains together but also simply making crypto trades and token swaps on multiple blockchains from the same platform. Sphynx and their dapp decentralized exchange DEX supporting possibly all cryptocurrency blockchains in the future could make it super easy to trade virtually any coin on any blockchain!

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