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TRON is the three major blockchain ecosystems jointly developed by global blockchain developers and developers, following the concept of "centralized network and decentralized network" is the largest mining pool for tron. Join us and develop together

?Official website URL link: 【https://www.mytrx-life.com/register?inv=10259

?Link to the official telegram group: https://t.me/mytrx08

?Official Telegram Customer Service: https://t.me/AnnaTRX108

? legal white paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1srBOk5-hEd4p9aP982cBnhcSfT6KsCqY/view

??Registration reward: 2000Trx

1. Basic wallet, you need to invest in renting our mining machine to obtain mining income. The income of the basic wallet needs to be withdrawn every day. No withdrawal, no accumulation (24 hours for each withdrawal) Basic wallet investment income ratio

-Cumulative deposit 5-49,999TRX daily minimum profit 2.8%

-Cumulative deposit 50,000-200,000 TRX daily minimum profit 3.3%

-Cumulative deposit 200,000-500,000TRX daily minimum profit 4.3%

-The cumulative deposit exceeds 500,000TRX and the daily minimum profit is 5.3%

??The daily minimum withdrawal amount is 2.8% of the funds

??The maximum daily withdrawal is 5.3% of the theme

??Daily mining income 6%

2.Promote wallets.

In the Promotional Wallet, you can choose the term that suits your investment. Different mining incomes are generated in different periods.

The cycle is 3 day, the income ratio is 2%, and the investment quota is 100TRX-10000TRX

The cycle is 15days, the income ratio is 3%, and the investment quota is 1000TRX-100000TRX

The cycle is 30 days, the income ratio is 5%, and the investment limit is 20000TRX-2000000TRX

The cycle is 60 days, the income ratio is 6%, and the investment limit is 50000TRX-5000000TRX

The cycle is 90 days, the income ratio is 7%, and the investment limit is 80000TRX-8000000TRX

The cycle is 180 days, the income ratio is 8%, and the investment limit is 100000TRX-10000000TRX

Daily interest repayment, principal repayment at maturity, one-time withdrawal at the end of the cycle
Promotion wallet is to share your invitation link with friends and relatives or forward YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Telegram group, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, and invite users to invest to earn promotion income. The more invites, the more you earn. One-time withdrawal of promotional wallet balance, up to 19% of the three-tier deposit ratio

Invitation registration bonus:
Level 1 user reward 30TRX
Level 2 user reward 20TRX
Level 3 user reward 10TRX
Unlimited Invitation Rewards

Invitation Recharge Rewards:
Level 1 user reward 10%
Level 2 user reward 6%
Level 3 user reward 3%
Unlimited Invitation Rewards

I have been engaged in TRX for many years and have deep research qualification. The more users you invite, the more commission you will earn. Welcome to contact me telegram:@TrxAnnie and look forward to your joining us. Thank you!
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