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There are two ways to play with this product. One is to
invest in the purchase of mobile power sources, and the
other is to promote income. Share invitations to earn

your income. Is through your purchase of power bank and
sharing your invitation link. For example, you can get a
10% commission for every deposit made by users you
invite. If your friend wants to invite his friend, you
will get 5% of 2nd level downline and 3rd level
downline. Offline commission 2%

1. My wallet account: the top-up account is used with my
My wallet daily withdrawal income is linked to the
investment limit. The minimum deposit is 5USDT to get
started. The deposit limit depends on the individual's
investment ability

2. My income account: also unlimited three levels. Level
1 10% Level 2 5% Level 3 2% . And the income from
recharging and purchasing the mobile power supply by
A invites B and B to

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