New RTX 3090 Nvidia Rig Build in The Mining Bunker (Part 1) - Is the 3090 or 6600 XT More Efficient?

Today we are starting our newest RTX 3090 Nvidia Build in the Mining Bunker! We also add the 12th 6600 XT to the AMD Rig and compare the 6600 XT and 3090 power efficiency. Once again we have some trouble with our rig parts and breakdown how we solved the problem. Thanks for watching!

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Last 6600 XT & 3090 Build Parts
1:25 3090 Test Rig Update
2:26 Plans to Move Zotac 3090 Build to New Frame
3:39 Last 6600 XT is Installed
4:34 3090 vs 6600 XT Efficiency Comparison
6:47 Moved Some Rigs Around
7:43 3090 Build Troubleshooting
10:32 Thanks for Watching

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