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TRX (full name TRONIX) is the mainnet currency issued by the TRON Foundation based
on the TRON protocol, referred to as TRX. Different from PoW-based mining such as
Ethereum and Bitcoin, TRON adopts the DPoS mechanism. has more than ten self-built mines and tens of thousands of cooperative
mines around the world. The world's leading one-stop blockchain computing power
ecosystem, integrating dozens of countries and regions around the world. 10
million + A mining machine A, TRON mining machine revenue in February 2022 is
close to 1 billion US dollars
Basic account interest is returned daily and will not accumulate. Please log in
daily to receive TRX
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Join our TRX mining platform and become the next multimillionaire
The minimum deposit is 5TRX-200000TRX and the daily withdrawal is 5.0%.
For example: 10000TRX daily income 500TRX
Deposit 200001 TRX - 500000 TRX, withdraw 6.0% per day.
For example: 500000 TRX daily income 30000 TRX
Deposit 500001 TRX - 800000 TRX, withdraw 7.0% per day.
For example: 800000TRX daily income 56000TRX
Deposit 800001 TRX -1000000 TRX, and withdraw 8.0% every day.
For example: 1000000 TRX daily income 80000 TRX
Deposit 1000001TRX -5000000 TRX every day and withdraw 9.0%.
Example: 5000000TRX daily income 450000TRX
Deposit 5000001TRX -10000000, and withdraw 10.0% every day.
Example: 10000000TRX daily return 1000000TRX
Deposit more than 10000001TRX, withdraw 15% every day
For example: 100000000 TRX daily income 1500000TRX

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Every time you recharge LV1, you can get a 10% commission. 5% commission on LV2
deposits. When your LV3 is deposited, you can get a 2% commission. LV1 per deposit
100TRX will earn 10TRX commission. When your LV2 deposits 100TRX, you can get
5TRX, and when your LV3 deposits 100TRX, you can get 2TRX commission. Bonuses can
be withdrawn immediately and unlimited. If you recommend more users to join your
promotion link, the more commission rewards you get, the commissions charged by
the referred users will go directly to your promotion account, and you can
withdraw cash directly!
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