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TRONSCAN.LOL was officially merged with the Ethereum network link at 23:59 on October 1st. Since the platform prepaid 10,000 TRX for each user, it can mine 6.2%-32% higher income per day. Staking on POS, Proof of Stake.

The deposit of the basic account is automatically added to the contract within 100 days, and the principal cannot be withdrawn in advance. The basic account (TRX) mines every day, and the account based on the daily mining income can withdraw 6.2%-32% of the investment amount every day. The settlement time of our platform system is 0:00 am Singapore time every day, and the income will not be automatically credited to your account. You need to actively log in to the platform every day, click [Mining] to enter and click to receive income

Activating the account requires a deposit of 5TRX, and a deposit of 1000TRX is recommended
Please activate your account first before you can receive earnings and withdraw cash. The number of earnings and withdrawals is once a day.

①accumulated deposits of 5-999 trx, 5% withdrawal per day
②accumulated deposits of 1000-9999 trx, 10% withdrawal per day
③Accumulative deposit of 10000-49999 trx, 20% withdrawal per day
④Accumulated deposit of 50,000-99,999 trx, 25% withdrawal per day
⑤Cumulative deposit of 100000-~ trx, 30% withdrawal per day
For example: first top-up of 1000TRX, second top-up of 9000TRX, [total top-up of 10000TRX] you can withdraw 20% per day, which is 2000TRX per day

Recommend and share
If you refer and share the promo link to your friends to register and top up, you can get 14% A grade, 3% B grade and 1% C grade!
(teaching steps)
Step 2: Send the link to your friends or any social platform (Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter...) and let them know that this is a very safe and reliable cloud mining investment platform. The platform allows you to withdraw up to 30% of your investment daily. income
Step 3: After your friends register and recharge in your main account or promotion account, you will receive promotion income immediately.
Example: If you invite Us
er A, User A deposits and invests 10000TRX, you will get 1400TRX as a reward.
If user A invites user B and user B deposits and invests 10000TRX, you will get 300TRX as a reward.
If user B invites C again, and user C deposits and invests 10000TRX, you will get 100TRX as a reward and get an imm

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