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Registration link :- https://ceconomy-ag.vip/8a7HjA

Mall customer service :- https://t.me/CeconomyAG

Signup bonus: 30 USDT
Mission update: 00:01 AUT
Minimum withdrawal: 1 USDT
Withdrawal to account: 1-5 minutes
Withdrawal fee: 0
VIP1 deposit: 13 USDT, daily income: 3.5 USDT
VIP2 deposit: 98 USDT, daily income: 28 USDT
VIP3 deposit: 298 USDT, daily income: 88 USDT
VIP4 deposit: 598 USDT, daily income: 185 USDT
VIP5 deposit: 1398 USDT, daily income: 445 USDT
VIP6 deposit: 3388 USDT, daily income: 1188 USDT
VIP7 deposit: 6999 USDT, daily income: 2588 USDT
VIP8 deposit: 12888 USDT, daily income: 4888 USDT
VIP9 deposit: 19999 USDT, daily income: 8888 USDT
Invite 30 A-level VIP1, reward upgrade VIP2
Invite 10 A-level VIP2, reward upgrade VIP2
Team three-level commission:
A-level members: 13%
Class B members: 5%
C-level members: 2%


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