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Welcome to You tube channel Tech Shami.Today this video is about a TRX Mining website "TRXPOP.COM" In This Website You Got 10000 Free Registration Bouns .In This video I Show You How to Deposit & Withdrawal Tron in this website. Complete Review about this website. Complete Watch this video & Follow step by step for better Result.

Registration Link:https://www.trxpop.com/#/regist?code=9754

Tech Shami Offical:

Website About:
My app is being promoted in 3 ways, and users can try downloading our app or using it on the website. The promotion runs from 18/10/2021 to 18/12/2021. Here are the following promotions: 1. Users can get 5% of the top-up. 2. On the points system\nLine, so that users who reach a certain number of points can get a new Iphone 13 or Mac Book for free. 3. If old users invite new users to register and recharge successfully, they will get 10% of points from level 1 users, 5% from Level 2 users and 3% from LEV3 users. 4. Users who recharge 200 TRX can\nIn order to extract the gift wallet 10,000 bonus. I need you to make a video on the top-up and withdrawal system. And all of our promotional activities during the two months.\n\nYou need to put my link and my telegram link in the comments.\n\nTelegram: https://t.me/TRxpop

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