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Cloud mining revenue is a decentralized finance based on blockchain technology, which is different from previous finance. Decentralized finance is built on the blockchain and runs on smart contracts without human intervention. Really fair, just and open. This is the rise of decentralized finance. We've got our hands on the trend. I believe that there will be more investors in the future, and the return of the mining pool will definitely not be as high as it is now. So take this chance and it could save you years of work and less struggle.
① Investment income withdrawal rate
1. Minimum deposit: 5TRX, daily withdrawal 2.80%
2. Cumulative deposit [5-9999TRX], daily withdrawal 2.80%
3. Cumulative deposit [30001-100000TRX], daily withdrawal 3.0%
4. Cumulative deposit [100000-499999TRX], daily withdrawal 3.4%
5. Cumulative deposit [500000-9999999TRX], daily withdrawal 4.0%
6. Cumulative recharge [10000000-99999999999TRX], 5% daily withdrawal
The higher the accumulated recharge amount, the higher the rate of return.

②Unlimited invitation rewards
15% increase in promoters/first-level users
Agency promotion/secondary users increased by 3%
2% increase for agents/level 3 users

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