New World: INSANE Mining and Harvesting farming spot

Check out this INSANE farming spot for Mining and Harvesting, super fast XP and easy gold!

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Monarch's Bluffs Farm Spot: Iron Ore, Turkey, Deer & Blightroot (RedzyTV)

In this video we're gonna go over an insane farm spot in Monarchs Bluffs that will let you farm XPfor Mining and Harvesting with enough Deer and Grizzly Bears nearby to complete any Town Board Hunt Missions - lets get to it.

You're going to want to do a loop around the Verdant Crown, in southern Monarchs Bluffs which has Iron Ore, Shockspire, Dragonglory, Hemp, Life Bloom, Warm Platecap, Nuts and Honey all up for grabs. Not to mention the area has Hunt quests for deer and bears, nearby corrumption portal events to dip into if you want and of course three PvP quests for your faction if you're willing to risk it.

So clearly one of the strengths of this farm is its variety of nodes but that doubles up well with the nearby deer and bears to help give you enough stuff to gather, kill, skin and loot during 15 - 20 minutes that means the node respawn timer will hopefully be in step with your farming speed meaning you can keep going with little to no downtime.

The area is perfect for level experience, gathering xp and as a material farm so be sure to check out your servers Trade Post prices for the items I've mentioned to see if theres quick and easy coin to be made - and if you're looking for a better mining xp farm with a tonne of Iron and plenty of Turkey's nearby for feathers and hunt quests - check out this video and good luck!
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