NFT project launching on multiple blockchains

New NFT projects are launching on multiple projects and pitting the different blockchains against each other capitalizing on classic crypto investor tribalism! Subscribe to VoskCoin -
Coinbase NFT marketplace launching soon!
Crypto Wars NFT on Ethereum Solana and Cardano -
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NFTs are more popular and lucrative than ever before so it's pretty interesting to see Crypto Wars NFT launching their NFTs on Ethereum blockchain, Solana blockchain, and the Cardano blockchain. Cardano ADA NFTs are set to explode since ADA has a huge userbase and Cardano investors and supporters absolutely like their crypto and Charles Hoskinson but SBF has pumped an insane amount of life, money, and projects into Solana SOL so Ethereum is really the only lackluster blockchain involved as ETH gas fees make it prohibitive to use.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 NFT collection launching on multiple blockchains?
01:40 What is CryptoWars project?
02:06 How to mint CryptoWars NFTs?
02:32 Coinbase launching their NFT collection?
02:42 and NFTS
02:49 Opensea NFT marketplace and airdrop?
03:14 CryptoWars on Ethereum and Solana
04:24 How to buy and interact with Solana?
04:49 How to interact with Cardano and its NFTs?
05:31 CryptoWars NFT art style review
05:45 CryptoWars NFT project features
06:11 CryptoWars project team
07:50 Lovely Finance Inu review

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