NFTs & Smart Contracts WILL Change Real Estate FOREVER!

In this video, Chandler David Smith talks about the ins-and-outs of NFT’s, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contracts - seeing as this is a HOT and TRENDING topic! How will these new tools be used in the world of real-estate? Investing in real estate for the last 10 years, Chandler David Smith currently owns over $25 million worth of rental real estate. During this time, he has experienced fluctuating markets, good deals, and bad deals - but something many of you are wondering is:

- “What are NFT’s?”
- “How will NFT’s and Smart Contracts be used in real-estate?”
- “Should I make the jump?”

Chandler dives DEEP into all of the ins-and-outs of starting out and protecting yourself as markets shift with these new and trendy concepts. There is A LOT that is unknown when you take a step into NFT’s and Smart Contracts; things fall through the cracks and anything can happen. But, as is with anything in life!!! When you take the proper steps that Chandler teaches here, you CAN mitigate your risk so that you will be taking a chance with the lowest risk possible and the highest return!

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