NFTs will Revolutionize Health Care - Galeon Deep Dive & Tips on How to Deep Dive Crypto Projects.

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For more information on Galeon and instructions on how to purchase their presale before January 9th 2022, go to https://blockchain.galeon.care/

I didn't mention 'Tokenomics' in this video but it is also a very important aspect of deep diving a project. It entails researching everything about the token, how it's distributed, who holds it, how much they are worth collectively, the market cap, the fully diluted market cap, and other things that one should know in order to fully deep dive a project before investing in it.

Please be careful whenever you enter this space of trying to get into presale projects. They are extremely high risk and only invest what you feel comfortable losing completely. However, if you do your own research and that research comes from an educated position on the project, its team, its tokenomics and everything else, you are a lot less likely to lose anything and a lot more likely to not only invest in a better future but also make huge profits.

Finally, if you are new to the crypto space learn everything about security first. Learn everything about how to secure your hot wallet like Metamask using a cold wallet like Ledger. DO THAT. Be very careful. This presale space is full of scammers and they spend millions of dollars to make you think that projects are legitimate when in fact they are scams. So again, be careful and learn first.
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