Nuls Blockchain Community Update #1 December 2021 Nerve Bridge DApp Nabox Wallet NFTCircle Nulswap

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Here's my first community update to all of the supporters of the Nuls Ecosystem!

Please follow along as I go over some of the latest news, updates and happenings over at team Nuls.

There is so much to talk about as I cover the launch of Nuls Mainnet 2.10.0 that improves upon the essential cross chain abilities of the Nuls Blockchain. Also bringing updates to the project is Nuls' close partner Nerve of NerveBridge DApp fame.

We see new growing opportunities with other defi, crypto, blockchain and elastic supply stablecoin VuFi, among many others. Since the last community update we have seen partnership really take off with new comers MOBOX, CEEK, Efinity, GMX, FUSE, CRONOS, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Fantom to name some.

Also joining the action is EchangyExchange, an awesome sounding Farm Defi project that allows users to invest into seeds, farm equipment and labor in order to earn yields from the ensuing crop, named FarmYield_DeFi.

LosPobre's will be bringing in a few NFT "Play To Win" blockchain games along with their whole ecosystem of swaps, farms, stakes and social media, when they join the Nuls SCO Platform, allowing Nuls supporters to stake their coins and earn a passive income.

We'll learn about TakerSwap, OxPay and veriTAG's upcoming partnership and how they fit in with Nuls Blockchain, and much much more

All of this and much more all condensed down into an easy to digest all encompassing news style video that you can share with your friends and family.

Thanks for all of the support, and please take a moment to comment, like, subscribe... and blast the notification bell to hep out my channel and get the word out.

I love you all!


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