Nvidia Got RICH mining?! Earn MORE Mining with Nvidia GPUs!

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Nvidia is being fined a whopping $5.5 million because of their sales to GPU miners, and we have finally found a way to fully unlock Nvidia GPUs that were LHR variants - allowing GPU miners to earn more with their Nvidia GPUs! How does all of this affect the GPU mining profitability charts? What is the second-hand GPU market like, in spite of the market conditions? As prices seem to have dropped significantly, Bitmain is also lowering their prices for BTC ASIC miners! Let’s review all of this crazy crypto mining news!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Nvidia is in trouble…
00:52 VoskCoin x BlockFi Track Car!
01:57 SEC fines NVIDIA for $5.5M
03:49 NBMiner and T-Rex have a 100% LHR Unlock!
04:37 What is LHR?
06:04 GPU mining profitability
06:45 Second-hand market for GPUs
08:00 Bitmain reducing prices for Bitcoin miners?
09:12 People are getting bearish on mining companies
10:06 Pionex Trading Bots!
10:53 New York is banning Crypto mining
13:02 Looking at the Stock & crypto markets
15:17 VoskCoin mining news

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