O5O - What is a blockchain & how does blockchain technology work? Simple explained #CRYPTOTALK NR 1

My Name is O5O "Björn Seiz"
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O5O is a clear example of what believing in yourself can bring to your life.

After reaching the top with his first businesses at a very young age, he experienced the struggles of losing everything. Literally. Even in his darkest moments, he focused on his vision and decided to take his life by the horns and came back harder than ever, building a 100 million dollar brand.

From being broke to succeed as a businessman gave him the knowledge he'll share with the future entrepreneurs.

His deep ambition is also reflected in his recently created O5O Entertainment label, backed up by an entire team of the best professionals in the industry, producing tracks for different artists worldwide, a podcast, a mastermind and a fashion brand. And this is just the beginning.

The O5O Movement is about making it happen. Stay tuned. There will be much more.

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