One of the biggest Crypto Mining Farm in Hungary!

Working on our new specialized mining container. We have almost 400 gpus. We are using Asrock H510 BTC+ motherboards and mostly AMD RX 6600/6600XT GPU.
- All time stable 60° Core and 75° Memory temperature.
- Active cooling with 6 piece 250w / each industrial axial fan with speed control.
- Dust filtering system.
- Remote power controlling system.
- We also have some of H110 Pro BTC motherboard, with specific power rail cable managment build, to avoid connector problem.

Currently mined cryptocurrencies ETH/TON with Gpu's and RTM,Pulsar with 12 Ryzen 3900x Processor in Gigabyte Aourus X570 Motherboard.
-- 11,6 GH Eth
-- 246,6 GH Ton
-- 26,29 KH Rtm
-- 627,1 KH Pulsar
Cryptocurrency Mining
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